Thursday, September 29, 2011

Melbourne, Australia (first day)


Nothing as I expected. No kangaroos running around. No koalas in the trees. No beach nearby with cute tan surfers hanging around. The least expected of all is that I would be spending the next 4.5 months living in the busiest part of Melbourne, the Center Business District, in the heart of the city. 

In Melbourne, there are modern architectures mixed with cathedrals and old Victorians buildings that gives you a glimpse of the history of Australia. This was my first impression of Melbourne. The public transportation here makes it very easy for people to get around. The trams run through the main streets of the city and trains take you from one suburb to another. I have never used public transportation at home so this was going to be something I had to get used to. As long as I had my map in hand and chicken wrap from one of the many cafes in the other, I was ready to explore the city by tram to look for my new home.