Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Break for Fall

The summer of 2012 as a grown up is so different from all my past summers. I rarely went to the beach, hardly saw any of my friends, and slaved my life away at a boring, dead end job that locked me inside a cave of gray walls. This was probably my worst summer, but one full of life experiences that I will take with me from this day on.

Aside from working in South Orange County under a management team that could care less about the people who make their firm run, I was able to find out what I don't like and what I wouldn't want for myself in the future. I want to be somewhere that will invest time in the professional development of their employees and promotes happiness in the work place. This place did the exact opposite.

The breaking point came in early September. I had given myself a time limit of 6 months to figure out the next step for this place...will they promote me or keep me as an intern but make me do the analyst work without the title and benefits? well, the latter came true and I think I knew that this was going to happen back in August. I hated the place so much that I would drive home crying, wondering why I wasn't good enough or why I even bothered staying. Yes it's a job and I'm able to pay my bills, but it was starting to affect my physical health (I had an outbreak of shingles that lasted 2 weeks) and instead of settling and killing time there, I decided to put in my 2 weeks and take a break from the routine. I made my last day at work the same day I was suppose to fly out to New York and meet Aaron and it was the best day of 2012. As I made my rounds of good bye, I knew I was making the right choice because everyone was congratulating me as if I'm leaving the slums. I know everyone hates it there and it's sad to know that they're only there for the paycheck and not by choice, but I'm willing to give that up and live a bit on the uncertain side and figure out what I truly want to do with myself.

September 2012 was the end to another chapter of my life and NY was the break I needed to re-evaluate myself and figure out what's in the next chapter for Milly. Yes I'm unemployed, broke, anxious about the future..but I'm young, smart, and driven and I would never settle for anything. Maybe it's the novelty seeker in me but I feel that as long as you're driven and persistent, you can only go up. So as I wait to see what possible opportunities are out there for me in my mid 20's, I'm going to take a small break and enjoy myself in "the city that never sleeps". 

most of my pictures were posted on instagram under @Millyvu or #millytakesny

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