Monday, June 9, 2014

Eurotrip| 5.25.14| Paris Day 2

5.25.14 - This was my favorite day of the trip. We started the day by walking to the local deli to pick up sandwich supplies. Aaron is a self professed sandwich master so we brought French baguette, salami, Gouda and walked to the Notre Dame where we started to make sandwiches. It was the cutest thing, tasted good, cheap, and I got some traveling baguette photos out of it. We also walked along the bridge with locks of love. I heard a lot of these lots are cut off to prevent overflowing but some of the locks looked old. 

After our morning excursion, we were off on our way to our main attraction, Chateau de Versailles! Make sure you don't hop on the wrong train like we did. After figuring out and transferring to our correct train, we had to navigate to Versailles due to all the constructions making us take a detour. After an almost hour and a half commute along with befriending lost Spaniards with the same itinerary, we made it to the golden gates! Versailles has to be one my favorite places in Europe. I felt like I belonged there and that time period, gossiping alongside Marie Antoinette before the French Revolution executed her. It must have been a delightful time for the rich then with all the grandeur and parties and fashion. Nothing was considered too much and you can see this in the garden of Versailles. Everything was extravagant from the rows of immaculate trees and mazes. Imagine how many people it took to upkeep this garden. I love that I could easily transport my mind to another place and time. It was so serene that I wouldn't mind just staying there forever and living in bliss. A lot of the fountains weren't working when we got there and there were constructions or renovations to preserve the garden but nothing to ruin the scenery. Aaron and I did the boat ride in the man made lake and it was the most romantic date I can ever imagine. He rowed the boat as I sat and took in the scenery. I originally wanted to do the bike ride around Versailles but this was so much better because of the timing we went. I can always go back and do the bike ride but this was perfect. 

We did a lot of walking that day going to the other end of Versailles where Marie apparently lived. On that side was the queen's hen? I'm not sure but it felt like a different place and time right next to the castle. There were cottages with windmill and fields of green farmland. Make sure you bring some comfy walking shoes, aside from that, Versailles was definitely my favorite day of my 2 week trip.

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