Monday, June 9, 2014

Eurotrip| 5.31.14| Rome Day 2

5.31.14- Started the day visiting the Trevi fountain and made a wish as I threw a coin over my left shoulder.  We were able to explore all of Rome in one day thanks to the electric bike. It was 20 euros for 8 hours, and it is the best modification to a bike known to man. We rode to the Vatican, up the hillside barely sweating at all, down to the Colosseum where we parked, did the tour and headed back home. It was a good way to explore all the landmarks of this city if you don't mind it from your bike. It would have been nice to walk around the steps of the Vittoriano, but I can live with just seeing it from afar. 

I forgot to mention the food in Rome is also as amazing at Florence, aside from that farfalle pasta dish, nothing tops that. I curbed my photos on food because there were sooo many other things to take photos of in Rome besides food. I definitely got a vacation belly while in Italy from my pasta and gelato binges. I had gelato everyday and pasta sometimes twice a day while traveling italy and I don't regret it at all. The cafes are very European with their outdoor seatings and it's very nice to have dinner while people watching. The live music really added to the ambiance and I love how I never felt rush to leave after dinner. Instead, it was always the opposite since people sit and enjoy an espresso after their meal which I've learned to do. Wish we had more places like this back at home. 

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