Monday, June 9, 2014

Eurotrip| 6.2.14| Athens Day 1

6.2.14- We left Rome in the early morning to catch our flight to Athens at noon. It was a 5 hour trip to Athens on the cheap airline easyjet. They were giving some people a hard time because of the size of their carry on luggage. You can't even have a purse as your other item which I found ridiculous. I watched a lady stuff her nice LV bowling bag into her small carry on. Athens is such a clean city compare to Paris and New York. Their metro is very easy to use and everything was sparkling clean! The hostel I booked was a party hostel right in the center of Athens. It had it's only rooftop bar with a view of the Acropolis, a restaurant, and a laundry mat with free detergent! We spent most of our time waiting for our laundry there while hanging at the bar next door. They get you with the dryer because you have to put it in for two cycles. I think we spent a good 10 euros for one wash and two cycle of drying which is a rip-off. Later that night, we went to an area with restaurants lined up just like Europe with outdoor seatings and souvenir shops everywhere. Makei sure you shop around before buying because everything is 50% off as soon as you walk in. Aaron fell in love with a traditional Greek dish of Lamb and potatoes cooked in a clay pot. After dinner, we walked around the area to see the Acropolis at night and from our rooftop. Our ferry to Mykonos departs early tomorrow at 7:30am so we didn't stay to take advantage of our party hostel which is okay with me. 

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