Monday, June 9, 2014

Eurotrip| 5.30.14| Rome Day 1

5.30.14 - Left Florence after lunch to our next destination, Roma!. We caught the train which costs around 34 euros each, make sure to validate your ticket before hopping on the train or you'll get fined 5 euros like us. It took about 4 hours. Once in Roma, we took bus 85 from Roma termini to our next hostel in the heart of the city and a small block away from the Trevi Fountain. This has to be the best location in all of Roma and it was such a charming and clean hostel. Since we arrived late afternoon, we were able to do some sightseeing and stumbled upon the Pantheon. Roma is beautiful in a way that i can't explain, almost like the same feeling of Versailles. It's feels like an open history book and everything was left as is. Everything is old but you can walk around and explore as you please without going into a museum. It's really cool to see the Rome's drinking fountains everywhere you go. These are called Naso, and they were built back in the 1800's and still working to this day. Another reason to love Roma, free water everywhere you go!

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