Monday, June 9, 2014

Eurotrip| 6.6.14| Mykonos Day 4

6.6.14-  We didn't leave Mykonos until 12:30pm, make sure to check times beforehand because we left the villa thinking the boat departs at 7:30am. We barely slept the night before because our room was infested with very small mosquito and as soon as Aaron would kill one, another flew down to attack us. There were 7 waves of them and one died on my shoulder as Aaron squashed it with his hand as I was sleeping. Since we didn't get to explore Mykonos city  earlier because of the distance from our villa, we decided to check it out as we waited for our boat. After Aaron took a 2 hour nap outside a bakery and me killing time by stuffing myself with Greek pastries so they wouldn't kick us out, we bought tickets back to Athens and had brunch at a cafe overlooking the ocean.

Once in Athens, we had dinner at the same restaurant and Aaron got the Lamb and potatoes again. Watch out for little gypsies selling roses. They claim they're free and will corner you, once you take one they flatter you by asking for your name and telling you how beautiful you are then beg for 1 euro. Thanks Aaron for watching me get guilt trip and hustled by a 7 year old. 

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