Monday, June 9, 2014

Eurotrip| 6.3.14| Mykonos Day 1

6.3.14 - The boat departed at 7:30am and took about 5 hours to arrive at Mykonos. I was scared that I would get seasick but the boat was huge! We took a taxi to our airbnb spot in Kalo Livadi beach which is 20 minutes away from the main city and in a more remote area. It's nice to end our trip with some R&R after backpacking through Europe in such a short time period that we were just looking forward to doing nothing but sit by the beach. As soon as we arrived, our airbnb host helped up rent a quadro/atv as our transportation for our stay. We rented a quadro for $25 euros a day which I thought was a good deal. Wanting to make the most of our first day, we took our ATV to the beach below and then to the only small town around us for food. Mykonos is such a gorgeous island and the water is so clear and blue. Unfortunately, the weather felt like Paris and it started to rain as we were driving around in our quadro. Not sure if you've ever driven outside in the open rain, but when you're going 40 km/hr, those pellets feel like paintballs going straight to your face.

Also, remember to drive slow if you're driving home with eggs in your quadro trunk. We lost two out of six on the way back home.

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